Outfits for the summer – dresses, skirts and jumpsuits

Outfits for the summer. Now that the temperatures get warmer again, it is always more and more fun to look for nice outfits for the summer. From dresses to skirts to shorts, you can combine everything that the winter has not allowed. I personally love to wear airy dresses or skirts in summer as these are super easy to combine, super comfortable and not too warm.

Clothes and shorts – the basics for the summer

My absolute favorite clothes I find mostly online shopping on websites such as NA-KD or Asos.de. Just when it gets green everywhere, I’m a big fan of floral prints or colors that fit the spring and the sun. My personal favorites are white, rosé and pastel tones. Practically also, of course, shorts. One can combine them super for example with blouses, tops, T-shirts and if it is a bit cool, also with sweaters. Shorts are simply uncomplicated. Of course you can combine them but also great to go out. High shoes or in the summer also great with wedges they are simply always an eyecatcher and put your legs great in the scene.

Jumpsuits and skirts – the allaround talents

Another of my favorites is the jumpsuit. That great to him? You dress him up and the outfit is complete. You do not need to combine anything or think about what you wear. You get dressed and ready to go. You can also combine Jumpsuit great, both for example with high heels or also sporty with sneakers or a backpack. Especially the trend this summer are, however, the jeans skirts. This is a trend that has come back in the nineties. Whether in Bohoo style or sporty or chic. Even jeans skirts can be combined with everything.

Accessories – Sunglasses, Shoes & Co.

What in the summer, however, should not be missing in any case, in addition to clothes, jumpsuit, skirts and shorts are natural – who would have thought differently – the sunglasses. This year the trend is sunglasses with mirrored lenses. For example in the colors pink metallic or yellow. Sunglasses can of course be combined with the above-mentioned It-Pieces in the summer. Then only the question remains, which shoes do I wear. Perfect for the summer are, of course, wedges. They are not only super comfortable, but also look chic. If you do not want to run through the counter during the hot temperatures, this year is the trend with adapters. Most of them will think now: What? Did she write an apartment? The trend actually extinct after the eighties, is now again totally in the coming. Whether from Adidas, Nike, Versace, Givenchy, with glitter or even plush. The advantage: there are few shoes which are even more comfortable. Thanks to the new designs, they do not look so bad either. If this is too much, you can also rely on the good old sandals.

My first choice for a hot summer day at the beach or at the lake would definitely be a dress or a skirt. For a day to shop or in the city however, I would tend to shorts or the jumpsuit. Combined with great accessories such as the sunglasses of a beautiful necklace or a great bag, they perfectly round off your summer outfit. I am very happy that the summer is coming now and you can combine great new outfits.

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