Styling & Make Up Artist Agency Santiago

Make Up Artists & Stylist Agency – We at Styling One represent the highest quality mediation process for Santiago in Chile. In many cities like Hong Kong, Berlin, London, Los Angeles and New York, the professional make-up artists and styling specialists from Styling One offer their professional skills. Make-up is art – only on the face and not on the canvas. There are no limits to your creativity.

Our service at a glance:

Service at Styling ONE

This ensures you always the absolute quality standard for yourself and your campaign, all your customers and potential new customers. Focus. Focus fully on your business. You can also book make-up artists in other cities!

Make Makeup Artists for Movies in Santiago

Styling One If you are looking for a renowned make-up artist in San Francisco, New York, London, Shanghai and Paris, In order to make your event unique, lifestyle events, commercials, advertising and fashions, we offer excellent make-up and styling services.

We have long been working as an agency with make-up artists, hairstylists and make-up artists, for well-known product photographers, well-known brands, cosmetics brands And advertising agencies. The job of course also includes the styling of VIPs. In terms of styling, hair and make-up, our make-up artists help PR agencies, advertising artists, production companies as well as responsible event planners. More information? Just contact us, we look forward to your e-mail!

Workshops with our Hair / Artists: Awards and Honors

Increase the quality of your advertising productions through workshops. Our make-up workshops are highly sought after, from the individual consulting session to special workshop for evening make-up. Learn the secrets of the experts with “learning by doing” through a professional make-up artist.

Stylist agency for Santiago

But stylist is not stylist! The requirements for different areas are partly different. A nice personality is the stylist’s best option to good customers. For a stunning styling of a well-known personality when appearing on the red carpet or TV, a stylist needs other competencies than for a photo shoot. Our stylists and experts bring all this experience to booking at large productions. You want the perfect stylist for the upcoming film production? Call us!

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