New York Make Up Artist & Styling Agency

Renowned make-up artists and styling experts recommend the smooth collaboration with Styling One. The visual artists put current. Makeup is an artistic skill – just on faces from every continent and not on paper.

Our service at a glance:

The best style for every guy with the best make-up artists

Our agency has the best make-up artists, hairstylists and make-up artists in worldwide, for renowned product photographers, production companies, cosmetics brands and advertising agencies. The job also includes the styling of national and international VIPs. With an upscale artistic aspiration for creative work, cool looks. Through us, you get the best hair and make-up artists for New York.

You are looking for an excellent stylist and make-up artist in New York, Paris, London, San Francisco and Hong Kong or worldwide From? Then you have come to the right place! For modeshootings, commercials, commercials and fashion, we recommend perfected hair styling and make-up.

Mediation in our agency

For advertising, filmmaking or photoshootings, we have professional make-up artists and stylists in New York with their individual skills. Find your photographer for staging meaningful photos. This allows you to focus fully on your core business with your entire team.

Book our make-up artists in other cities:

Workshops of Hair & Profi: Awards, References and Awards

Increase the quality of your productions through workshops. Brands are very popular with make-up workshops, from the special individual coaching to the workshop for fashion make-up. Real added value for internal cinema and TV productions.

Make sure that you have experienced stylists for shootings now in New York

As our customers know from experience, stylist is not the same stylist. Tasks in the areas are quite different from each other in the daily work on the set. Teamwork, a nice personality and willing to work with foreign people often are difficult. For shoots, a stylist needs a different approach than for the exclusive styling of a well-known personality or on TV. On productions good stylists bring all these years of experience to work. Are you looking for the perfect stylist for the next production? Call us!

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