Chicago Make Up Artist & Styling Agency

Make Up Artists & Stylists Company – Uncomplicated collaboration by experienced experts. Make-up artists are artisans and specialists in their work, their lines are faces from all continents. They transform the seasonal trends in looks and create a new way of life.

Book Stylists in Chicago

Are you looking for an excellent make-up artist and stylist in Cape Town, New York, London, Tokyo and Paris or worldwide? This is exactly where you are at the right place. We offer stunning events for your lifestyleshootings, commercialshootings, commercials and runway shows. We want their events to be unique, so we offer the best make-up and styling service.

Learning by doing for productions with make-up + styling workshops

Quality enhancement of your advertising productions through workshops. Companies like make-up workshops, from the workshop for day make-up to personal individual coaching. For own productions with their own make-up, a real added value.

The makelose look for every guy

As an agency we have good make-up artists, hair stylists / make-up artists for renowned advertising agencies, video-makers, beauty companies and production companies. Our focus is on providing well trained experts in fashion and television productions. With a high artistic demand for creative work, exciting make-up and cool looks. Further questions? Contact us now!

Mediation and Service at Styling ONE

As a management, we guide you through the complete stylist search process. With our make-up artists and stylist agency, you save valuable time. You can focus entirely on your core business.

Make a make-up artist available in:

Make sure you’re in chic Chicago now

But stylist is not the same stylist. The requirements for different areas in photo, video and television are quite different. An occasional personality is the stylist’s best opportunity for good customers. For shoots a stylist needs different skills than for the stunning styling of well-known people or on the TV. For productions, our stylists bring these long-term experiences to work. Are you looking for the perfect stylist for your upcoming production? Call us!

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