Dream job: become a make-up artist

Many young people have the dream make-up artist after or often during the school. But how do we make up artist? First of all, you should bring a certain interest for the beauty and make-up area and share a love for changes, make-up and colors. A certain basic artistic talent is, of course, an advantage, since the canvas of the make-up artist is the face of every human being.

An instructive education

Training in this area is not a state-recognized training, so you have to finance such training yourself. In every major city there are many different academies offering a wide range of make-up courses. In varied courses, the students learn how to recognize and shape all facial shapes. In addition, there is a color theory in which one learns to mix the right color shades and to apply to each individual type of skin. In addition, you will learn various trends and looks, such as the Cut Crease, Smokey Eyes and Hollywood trends like contouring and strobing. Many make-up artists have already completed training as a make-up artist, hairdresser, beautician or make-up artist and grow with their duties into the job of a make-up artist.

The perfect mirror for on the go

For events or sontane appearances you need not only your know-how but also the perfect cosmetic mirror.

Various workstations

Make-up artists and make-up artists often work on film sets, fashion campaigns or photoshootings. The task of the artists of the faces is to get the best out of their respective faces. In filmsets the faces of the actors are often completely changed, for example in which scars or injuries are painted. However, there are also many make-up artists on the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. There are a lot of talented, young people, who can make and make up from extraordinary, dramatic looks to everyday make-up, everything. Often also these so-called beauty influencers are booked for jobs or as Markenambassadore for cosmetic lines.

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