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Styling agency: suitable make-up and hair for every event

Make-up artists and make-up artists not only refresh, they beautify and accentuate! No matter whether it’s about refreshing make-up at company events or blogger events, or about professional make-up and hairstyling for photo shoots or films. An experienced make-up artist with expertise in many areas and years of practice through countless jobs is always worth […]

Youtube Stars who are enthusiastic about Make Up on Youtube

Especially younger women on YouTube today are the magnet for questions and answers from millions, billions of other women. Other YouTube phenomena even make men enthusiastic about make-up and cosmetic products. Some social media stars as well as Kendall Jenner, who please research again, have become rich with makeup. Kendall Jenner is even the youngest […]

Youtube Stars die begeistern für Make Up

Insbesondere jüngere Frauen auf YouTube sind heute der Magnet für Fragen und Antworten von Millionen, Milliarden von anderen Frauen. Andere YouTube Phänomene schaffen es sogar Männer für Make-up und Kosmetik Produkte zu begeistern. Manche Social Media Stars sowie Kendall Jenner, das bitte noch mal recherchieren, sind mit Makeup reich geworden. Kendall Jenner ist sogar die […]

V-Neck & Polo Shirts: Merchandise Shop für Blogger & Influencer – Do it yourself!

Merchandise, wie mache ich mir als Blogger eigentlich am besten meine eigenen T-Shirts? Viele stehen bei der Frage vor einem echt großen Problem, besonders wenn sie bisher nichts mit Internetseiten oder Online-Handel bzw Versand zu tun hatten. Wir haben uns deshalb heute für euch die drei wichtigen Aspekte angeschaut. Bevor ihr überhaupt damit anfangt einen […]

Sao Paulo Styling & Make Up Artist Agency

Stylists & Make Up Artists Company – from high-quality experts and specialists. In various cities like Shanghai, Berlin, London, Cape Town and New York, the renowned make-up artists and stylists offer their artistic work. They always transform trends in looks and create a new way of life. Make-up represents

Dream job: become a make-up artist

Many young people have the dream make-up artist after or often during the school. But how do we make up artist? First of all, you should bring a certain interest for the beauty and make-up area and share a love for changes, make-up and colors. A certain basic artistic talent is, of course, an advantage, […]

Outfits for the summer – dresses, skirts and jumpsuits

Outfits for the summer. Now that the temperatures get warmer again, it is always more and more fun to look for nice outfits for the summer. From dresses to skirts to shorts, you can combine everything that the winter has not allowed. I personally love to wear airy dresses or skirts in summer as these […]

Styling & Make Up Artist Agency Seoul

Make Up Artists & Stylist Agency – from high-quality specialists and experts. Our professional make-up artists & stylists are always up-to-date with the trends and apply them in their everyday art in various cities such as Shanghai, Berlin, London, San Francisco and New York. Make-up